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    Car frame straightening near Coventry Ohio., please .

Frame Repair

Did a Car Accident Leave You in Need of a Frame Repair or Frame Straightening?

In some cases, professional auto body repair shops are able to repair the bent frame of your car after a collision.

Tom Clarke Inc’s automobile frame straightening serves as your best shot for restoring your car to the same condition that it was in prior to your accident.

However, traditional car and truck  frame straightening techniques are not always an option.

Another option is to cut out the bent portions of the frame and weld in new straight metal pieces.

It is important to note that welding can significantly reduce the structural integrity of the metal at the weld joints.

This can result in insignificant support if done incorrectly.

Tom Clarke’s professional welder’s have significant experience so they are able to assess the situation and tell you what your best option for collision repair is.

From frame repair through refinishing, our body shop technicians have the professional skills and experience needed to restore your car or truck to its original  condition.

If you are looking for an auto body shop that specializes in auto body repair in Barberton, Coventry, Norton, Clinton, or surrounding Ohio areas contact Tom Clarke Inc’s professional collision repair team for a free estimate.

There are a lot of auto body shops to choose from, but you want the best.

We will walk you through every step of the car repair service process from frame straightening though external car detailing and internal car detailing procedures.


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